Saturday, 2 June 2012

Celebrating the Diamond Jubilee by the Thames

Above: 1000 ships chug upstream in preperation for the start of the grand flotilla at Putney

It was a grand day, celebrations throughout the Land and beyond had a rare unique festive cheer spread over four days, generating much excitement and popularity marked by an immediate entry straight into the Guiness Book of Records as the largest formation of maritime ships on the River Thames.

Here are some pictures from a lovely wet, rare and grand maritime flotilla parade featuring the Queen on the Spirit of Chartwell, adjoining were the mighty but little ships of Dunkirk  used in 1940 to rescue British and French servicemen from the frontline during World War Two) followed by military torpedo boats, steamers, junks, recovery services and musical ships, tugs, floats thus harkening back to a time when the Thames was indeed a mighty busy waterway.

A thousand ships on the Thames, in what was ultimately a quintessential British event. The weather held out, till the end and we all adjourned for a much needed privvy break (I dont know how the queen did it, stoically standing to attention for almost 2 hours in the stiff wind, wet drizzle follwoed by the heavens opening good and proper as the grand finale finished with a 41 gun salute! It near shattered the window panes!

The Event in Pictures

The Spirit of Chartwell (a grand distinctive red and gold festonned barge) passes New London Bridge as the Queen (white figure in the middle) waves to the adoring cheering crowds

Heavy rain meant the remaining ships deciding to pick on speed towards the final line marked by the raised bascules of Tower bridge

 Earlier in the day, the Thames River started with a fine wet mist and drizzle as early crowds choose prime locations to wait out the next 7 hours

A fitting end at night, whereby the rain kept raining , raining some more, and continued to rain ever more into the wee early hours of the morning. Taxis were rare around the Shard and because it was Sunday, the only joints open at 2300 were Burger king, MacDonalds, or a small French baguette stand.

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