Friday, 23 March 2012

Opus Artz in the News - Q1 2012

Hi Folks,

We have had the opportunity to get featured in media recently, so here is a nice little recap of some articles and videos sharing more of the Opus way!

We hope it is insightful about how to become a better artist within the entertainment industry

Platform 32 - Interview

We kickoff with a wonderful interview from Platform 32. Props and our grateful thanks to Ian Highton for providing some outstanding production values and insights into our day to day production work for the videogames industry

Kotaku - Opus Artz 

Kotaku has recently kindly provided some coverage featuring our studio, artists and previous works which came as a pleasant surprise. Our heartfelt thanks!

ImagineFX 77 - 2011 Christmas Issue

Loving the latest issue of magazine - out today. It's a beauty! Thnx for the great piece on the studio guys!

In addition, creative director Dr. CM Wong gives us the low down on the new Intuos 24HD. Its a massive beast! Prepare to buy a new table!

Imagine FX magazine

Doctor WHO Adventure Games: Gunpowder Plot

In conjunction with Guy Fawkes day, Opus Artz are pleased to finally be able to come out in the open and share some of the key art pieces developed with Sumo Digital for the Doctor Who Adventure Games franchise.

Much of the development  of recreating the visuals of the world of Old London Bridge involved extensive research, on the scene sketches and extrapolation that walked a fine balance between historical accuracy and popular entertainment within the contextual world that provides both mass appeal to the general public and Dr. Who fans worldwide.

Opus Artz will share a small glimpse into the creation of a popular IP in a forthcoming blog post, featuring the Gunpowder Plot (including some rants, ramblings and walks all over about Old London)

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