Wednesday, 17 June 2015

E3 2015 - Day One

Games are exciting again, from well known franchises, independent games showcased and a few surprise announcement. 2015 undoubtedly marks what has been the best E3 in ages, and the Opus Artz team has some great new visual works and AAA collaborations announced. 

Sea of Thieves

In this all British Rare collaboration, the fine folks at Opus Artz got to sink their teeth, hook, line and sabre in bringing out their inner pirate in this XBOX1 exclusive. 


The DIVISION: Darkzone

Joining a international cast of artists and studios, the Opus Artz team got to help out on the key visuals on the various multiplayer maps of The Division: Dark Zone.


Featuring a world of assassination, here is a sneakpeak of the range of characters our team got to collaborate on with the brilliant team at Io-Interactive

HORIZON: Zero Dawn

Its great to finally be able to share this experience, whereby our team and groups of talented artists helped forge something special. Many years in the making, Opus Artz had the pleasure of helping out in the early pre production, design and world building - some of which is seen in this trailer


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