Monday, 19 August 2013

Character Production

This week,
we would like to share further insight into production art.

Often with any new or existing relationship you have with a client,
it is important to ensure the artists working on the project match the existing mood/style of a IP.

First up, we would like to share a character production art test for Io interactive.
Most clients, will be interested in looking at design, and sufficient details to allow a experienced 3D modellers to develop a 3D character in a regular pose

Especially with the imminent release of next generation consoles, attention to clothing materials, accessories and secondary animations are key. In addition, a slightly naturally posed nuance helps to suggest a character's personality. In contrast it is vital to not pose the character in a exaggerated/action pose unless this is a prime request.

Ultimately, it is important to offer options whilst working within the constraints of each client's expectation. Each client will be uniquely different and being able to be sufficiently flexible is key towards a prosperous relationship with any client


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