Monday, 21 January 2013

Strike Suit Zero - Ready to Launch!

Hi Folks,

Strike Suit Zero launches in three fantastic days, and we have had the pleasure and honour of helping out the lovely folks at Born Ready Games.

Here is the PAX prime trailer showcasing, the colourific space action warfare coming straight to you, in  a world ... of space mech of retro style goodness, rebooted!


Production Insights in SSZ development

Here is the Penny Arcade editorial kindly reproduced from PA Report

Despite being no more than a thumbnail in game, most of the characters went through a rigourous development process of iteration. When you are building a universe from scratch, it’s important to go that bit further.  

The full iterative treatment was given on all characters developed for SSZ
which underwent a wide variety of designs before settling on its current look and feel befitting the SSZ universe

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