Friday, 9 November 2012

Fantasy Fun Fridays - The Dragonhunters

Hi Folks,
we've long had a good tradition of fun Fridays, and we'd thought we share some of that design process with our recent Fantasy Fun Friday session (FFFz)

Overview: In a Land, very much like our own - the world is overpopulated with Dragons. The original legend of "Beware, here be Dragons" is a everyday normality for the multiple denizens of this reality. As such, here is a snapshot of the everday lives of a motley crew of adventurers, hagglers, chuggers, saddlers, baggers and assorted ill scum who would be more than happy to pose for a shot of their prized catch, whilst risking a near certain death by fry up or acid spit  from the various threts that abound the bend, or a swoop from above.

One can never tell...

Without much further ado, we present you
the DragonHunters (scum. villians. no good dooers. soldiers of misfortune. And generally of no good ilk - but most importantly, they have a code: to keep calm, and keep hacking on!)

RED - All round dragon slayer, hunter, tamer and conqueror of many titles near and afar
Yanny The Granny

Dragon Lady Hunter: I can be whatever you want me to be

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