Wednesday, 8 June 2011

inFamous2 - Hero Edition unpackaging

Well folks,

InFamous2 is finally out in the wild and released.

Here is a look at the normal European disc boxart

Whereas, the Hero edition comes in a Lenticular slipcase with the game disc unfolding out in a horizontal 3 piece layered unfolding.

Additional merchandise include a Messenger tote bag with Sly Cooper logo on it, with a nice figurine of Cole.

The Unpackaging Experience

The only, one singular flaw of the European Sony box unpackaging experience is that it feels that all the seperate merchandise from the game disc, the comic and such are great in itself individually. Even the external box art is great with a good cole/bad cole on either side of a large cardboard box.

However, upon opening the box, one will quickly realise the whole unpackaging experience fell short. Either due to soem foresight, time issues or monetary, it just feels like - lets shove all these separate items in a cardboard box. make sure its secure, and....thats it. Stick a nice external box cover, and we're ready to rock.

BUT....has anyone asked, if you receive this as a special collectors item, and you've paid some significant funding for this, how would the recipient feel.

With the difficulties in producing limited edition box sets for fans and consumerist who want to EXPERIENCE the whole merchandise, saga and lore of a game or IP, this basic fact seems to have escaped the designers responsible for packaging, and liason with the manufacturers and sourcing the merchandising.

Perhaps the budget was stretched BUT, being able to source a suitable box or container, for all these lovely merchandise is NOT impossible. Its what every good design firm will do, every single day. Alas...

Anyways, onwards towards the game!

NB: And did I mention, the tote bag is really really useful and nice.
Fits a macboopro and intuos 4 and all sorts of smaller accessories in a external slim pocket.


inFamous2: End Credits - Contractors
We get a nice mention within the End credits, under Contractors

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