Tuesday, 24 May 2011

UK InFamous 2: Hero Edition - Play.com

For you folks, clamoring for the InFamous2 Hero edition in UK, preparing to open your wallet at Play.com

Purchase InFamous 2 from Play.com and get early access to the Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Multiplayer BETA Trial from 28th June to 04th July 2011*

Harness the power of a hero and take on The Beast with this Play.com exclusive luxury edition, packed with memorabilia and deadly downloadable weapons

inFamous 2: Hero Edition Includes:
- Lightning Hook power: This electro-kinetic tether let's you grab your enemies from afar and also pick up critical ammunition
- Electrocution Grenade
- 24K Golden Amp
- Original Cole alternate skin: Play as the classic version of Cole from the first
- inFamous story
- Kessler alternate skin: Play as Cole's nemesis, the powerful electrokinetic master
- Kessler from the first inFamous story
- 8.5" Cole MacGrath figurine: Created exclusively for the Hero Edition by the legendary DC Comics
- Sling bag: Your very own replica Sling Bag as worn by Cole in inFamous 2
- Collector's edition digital soundtrack: Featuring all the original tracks from inFamous 2
- inFamous comic: A special edition from DC Comics

inFamous 2: Hero Edition

Here is a quick look at the latest trailer: the beast is coming - 11th June 2011

Some additional developer gameplay interviews from gamespot ranging from Cinematic cutscenes to new inFAMOUS 2 powers such as ionic vortex vs melee powers to integrating user generated content.

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