Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Paradox Interactive - promotionals

Here are some promotional illustrations produced for paradox Interactive


The Crafting MMO

Salem is set in a fantastical New England and offers free form massively multiplayer gameplay in a persistent, mutable and online world. With players taking the roles of intrepid colonists from the Old World seeking to make lives for themselves in the New, Salem provides them with unique crafting, farming and building systems inspired by 17th century alchemy.

Cast in a mold of cute-gothic Salem's lighthearted art style makes for the perfect contrast to the otherwise grim realities of open player-versus-player combat and permanent death. Experience Squonks, Hidebehinds, Witchcraft and the fullest freedom of a sandbox conceived in Liberty.

* Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game.
* Persistent and mutable world.
* Crafting, farming and building.
* Open PvP combat with permanent death.
* Free to Play.

Getysburg: Armoured Warface

Prepare for the Alternate American Civil War

Gettysburg: Armored Warfare is a free-to-play online Real Time Strategy / First Person Shooter hybrid putting players in the middle of an alternate version of the American Civil War. The game feature persistent army progression allowing players to customize their army according to their taste and playing style.

Large scale battles, customizable armies, unique gameplay set in against a familiar yet futuristic backdrop are the key elements in this re-creation of the American Civil War.

* Free-to-Play
* 64 players per server
* 4 maps (9 km x 9 km in size)
* Over 1'000 controllable units on the battlefield at once
* Play as Union or Confederate
* 10 unit types
* Modifications & upgrades for units
* Persistent Point/XP system and Stats Tracking
* Upgradable avatars (Using points/XP)
* 3 unit game modes (Only 1860s, Only hybrid 2060s, and All types)
* Achievements powered by Paradox Connect

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