Sunday, 15 August 2010

GDC Europe/Gamescom 2010 - Part I

We return again to the 2nd year of the GDC europe/Gamescom event run in the beautiful cathedral city of Cologne.

Over the weekend, the weather was indeterminate - being amazingly warm balmy 30 degrees one day, and torrentially wet the next. Nevertheless, we will bring you live some of the highlights of this highly recommend event via our Opus picture diary blog.

Notes: As you can see, on a good day Cologne is spectacular. Great balmy weather, pink charity marathons, beer, italian eis and food by the Rhein, and stag night parties everywhere. Even the GDCE10/gamescom flags stand proudly in its full colours throughout the city

GDCE 10 - Registration:
For early registration, attendees (managing to tackle through the rain) Sunday, 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm in the Cologne Congress Center East. However many of us could not hack the cold biting 16 C rain, and choose some alternate indoor activities.

On such occasions, we were recommended the local Koln zoo. And the abundant enclosures, wildlife, aquariums and insectarium made for a good day out (if you happen to fancy splashing about in soggy wet shoes, whilst getting in touch with nature)

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