Friday, 19 February 2010

London Art Sketchmeets

Hi Folks,

Here is our Q1 2010 calender of events, whereby various art sketchmeets and art classes are being organised.

NANDOS - Southwark SketchMeet
Dates: 25th February 2010

Dates: March 12th, 19th, 26th, 29th 2010

Studies - Museum & Exhibits
- National gallery: 19th February 2010
- V&A: TBD
- Soane Museum: TBD


  1. The Hesketh Hubbard art society life drawing appears to be for members only (as in 'pay-£200-and-you're-a-member' members only) is that right?

    If you are not a member can you pay for individual sessions?

  2. Hi Lauren,

    I am afraid it does not offer individual drop ins. However if you consider the cost of each session - GBP 4.00 to 4.50 per session. It ofers one of the best professional life drawing all year.

    In addition, since the semester has started, the fees outstanding are less that £200. You also have one free taster session.

    Thoughly recommended. There is a session tonight March 19th at the Malls

  3. I just got a copy of ImagineFX and it talks about your London Sketchmeets
    Any planned for april?
    Is it really open to anyone who want to join?
    I think that's really a great thing from you guys!!
    I am a London based(freshly baked)freelance illustrator and i'd like to move some further steps in the gaming industry so i really would like to join, you know ,it won't happen again to have the chance to improve your skills,make some good connections,share your interest with other people(and pros too) all-in one meeting
    I eager to to know more!

  4. I'd like to know more about the April 14 sketchmeet. What time are you planning to meet at Nandos, and can anyone join in?