Friday, 1 January 2010

DS2: OPM & XBOX World 360 Mag Covers

Opus Artz has produced exclusive european & South Afrika magazine artworks for EA's next horror title Dead Space 2 which is currently featured in the latest issues of Official Playstation Magazine UK and XBOX World 360.

Featured artworks include Magazine Cover Art and interior splash images.

Official Playstation Magazine UK Issue 44 Jan 2010 and XBOX World 360 Issue 87 Feb 2010 are out now, and available at major UK retail stores.

In addition, it features surprisingly as nice wallpaper at the recent PAX Eeast conference, about a world of horror. Check it out! Isaac can really fly, in the lovely train chase flight teaser! I know we were certainly impressed with that wow moment!


  1. Hey Jon. Thanks a lot. Check out the new shakycam video short from PAX East. Its amazing to see Isaac Clarke fly!