Thursday, 3 September 2009

Opus Artz Joins TIGA

03 September 2009

TIGA, the trade association representing the UK’s games industry, today announced Opus Artz as its newest member.

Opus Artz is a visualisation centric art outsourcing studio based in London, UK with a global client base in film, games and publishing. Services include Key Art, Industrial Design, Illustration and Concept Art. Current projects include Bioshock 2 (Xbox360, PS3, PC) for 2K Marin and Edge of Twilight (Xbox360, PS3, PC) for Fuzzyeyes / Southpeak Interactive.

Dr Chee Ming Wong, Director and Founder of Opus Artz states: “At Opus Artz we pride ourselves on our personal touch, providing professional and experienced support with the aim to ensure that our client’s products are the best available on the market. We live, dream and breathe art and work collaboratively with our clients to deliver exceptional results on time and on budget.”

On joining TIGA Wong stated: “We believe in the impact of producing great concept art that contribute towards making games successful. To both inspire and define a unique visual art style and thus distinguish and enhance the overall production process.”

“We would like to work with TIGA to raise the profile of video games as the 8th art [as proposed by Denis Dyack at Silicon Knights]. There is phenomenal talent in our industry and the visual beauty of some games can literally take your breath away. We would like to see more done to promote video games as a medium which inspires, immerses and enthrals its users, rather than simply as a pure entertainment platform.”

“In addition, we would also like to work closely with TIGA on improving the links between academia and industry with regards
to the Visual Arts. We have noted TIGA’s work to bring industry and educators together and we welcome this.”

Richard Wilson, TIGA CEO stated: “Opus Artz have a very commendable ethos of cross participation and art exchange between all levels of disciplines, artists and groups across the entertainment industry. This is something that TIGA also aims to foster within the games industry and among creative industries, academia and others through the Play Together initiatives. We look forward to working closely with Opus Artz on this and other programs in the future.”

Link: Opus Artz Joins TIGA

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