Monday, 3 August 2009

Opus Artz - New Denizens

Hi Folks,

This week I thought we share our new residents who have come to occupy the studio space at Opus Artz, and to provide fresh horror, inspiration and volumetric studies to our Opus artists.

At opus, we believe that the best way to understand form is to study a volumetric object in front of you (and it allows us to collect various..ahem - collectibles for research and painting purposes, strictly)

Think of it as a minor substitute to life drawing, but more portable, and handy, allowing you to study vast shadows and bounced light onto its forms, at your convenience.


First up is the lovely Ariadne, straight from the British museum. Legend has it that this lovely maiden (daughter of King Minos) , fell in love with Theseus and helped him overcome the legendary Minotaur at the centre of the Labyrinth of Crete. Later she was bridge to the god Dionysus.

Ariadne, is also said to the the fertility god of Crete, and her name may have been derived from ariahgne - meaning "utterly pure"


Next up, is newcomer Austin, a veritable Lycanthrope produced for Opus to better study and understand the realms of creatures, and monsters via form, texture and frozen motion. Our grateful thanks to the lovely Laurel Austin, whose innocent looking countenance masks the veritable guns, guts and glory of her daily duties as senior concept artist at Splash Damage.

All in all, expect some derivative studies and works in the near future.

- Opus Artz

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