Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Secret Underground Cities

Version 1.0 - Updated 14th July 2009

Following our art sketchmeet at the recent Kelvedon hatch,
more interesting information cropped up with regards to the multiple decommisioned cold war nuclear bunkers spread across UK.

Of particular note is the impressive Wiltshire, Burlington Site 3 area, feaeturing over 60 miles of roads and space for over 4000 personnel which was to be the site of the main Emergency Government War Headquarters which is almost as impressive as the US Greenbrier facility, West Virginia (featuring a luxury 5 star hotel built above)

Thus, this post will be dedicated to cataloguing and being updated with regards to various secret and decommisioned underground facilities, bunkers and cities.


The BBC has been granted exclusive full acess to Site 3 and features full panoramic, video and image stills. Check it out

BBC: Wiltshire

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